Nintendo Amiibo Figure Super Mario Odyssey Series Mario Peach Browser Goomba Nokonoko




Super Mario Odyssey Series Name

  • Mario Ody in box
  • Peach Ody in box
  • Bowser Ody in box
  • Goomba in box
  • Nokonoko in box
  • Mario Ody no box
  • Peach Ody no box
  • Bowser Ody no  box
  • Goomba no box
  • Nokonoko no box
  • Ody no box




Product description:

1. Our company sells new geninue amiibo figure. All are real amiibo and box sealed.

In this list all amiibo are Chinese version

It can be used for nintendo wii u, 3ds, switch. Amiibo is region/lanaguage free. No usage limit for ns version.

Shipping & Pakcage:

1, Please note that we cannot change the shipping fee after we send the package out!

If the shipment is wrong, please try to cancel the order as soon as possible before sending the package!

2, the international shipping fee is charged per gram, if the shipping fee is much higher than expected, we can check it for you again.

3, we will split the order which has more than 6 amiibo, and send it into at least 2 parcels to reduce the risk of customs clearance.

4,Usually we pack no more than 4 amiibo that in the retail box in one package for Latin American buyers.

5. Although we pack every amiibo carefully and use the solid box to pack it, the amiibo box may still have defects/wrinkles and so on during shipping!

6. box collect buer please inform us before ordering.

Real Amiibos: